Sapristi N°3 est maintenant disponible dans les librairies parisiennes !

Swinging beauty

These are no ordinary capes

Anastasia Ponomarenko /
Diana Hayalieva / @di_heal

A shooting about acceptance of your body, inner beauty, reasonable consumption and naturalness of the wardrobe


Photographer: Anastasia Ponomarenko

Female Model: Diana Hayalieva
IG : @di_heal


SAPRISTI MAG is an independant exclusive magazine established in Paris, France.

Distinguishing itself from other magazines by its strong values, Sapristi is not afraid to stand up for sustainable and slow fashion, feminism, and pro LGBTQ+ art work. We give exposure to all those greats items created with a better future in mind and showcase amazing creative work. Sapristi aims to position itself as a blend of elegant photography, sustainable fashion, and well-being.