Sapristi N°3 est maintenant disponible dans les librairies parisiennes !

Natasha by Jomile Kazlaukaite

These are no ordinary capes

Stylist Ladyhunter sources second-hand high end clothing to promote upcycling. She is a founder of website, which helps to find home for no longer loved clothes from the stylist herself as well as anyone, who would like to give their garments a second chance at life!


Photographer : Jomile Kazlauskaite @jomilekazlauskaite
Model : Natasha Samsara Thompson @natashasamsara
Wardrobe Stylist : Ladyhunter @ladyhunterxo
Makeup Artist : Nina Fay Robinson @ninafay_mua
Hair Stylist : Clare Hurford


Wardrobe Stylist : Ladyhunter


SAPRISTI MAG is an independant exclusive magazine established in Paris, France.

Distinguishing itself from other magazines by its strong values, Sapristi is not afraid to stand up for sustainable and slow fashion, feminism, and pro LGBTQ+ art work. We give exposure to all those greats items created with a better future in mind and showcase amazing creative work. Sapristi aims to position itself as a blend of elegant photography, sustainable fashion, and well-being.

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