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5 winter essentials you will love

Amélie Lamour
With the help of
Pauline Nicloux

The Sweater of the Future  – 160€ 

Fix the past, prepare for the future. 

Our first crush is this pretty sweater of the future which deserves its name. It is entirely made of recycled merino wool. In addition, this sweater limits its carbon footprint by being knitted, cut and manufactured 40 km from Nantes, France. Guaranteed 100% natural, reusable and biodegradable.

A sweater to shop now which takes on the challenges of tomorrow. We are thrilled to have discovered a 100% recycled garments brand using plastic waste or cotton. On top of that : the clothes are only made in France and Portugal.

Big checks boho dress – 159,90 € 

The editorial team’s favorite piece ! You will love this long dress giving some volume. And you will appreciate even more the fact that it is GOTS certified with its organic cotton fabric. 

Indeed, the label GOTS (GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARDS) guarantees the absence of fertilizers or insecticides. It protects farmers and their future generations because it does not contaminate the land.  

Therefore, the cotton in this dress uses 70% less water and reduces the carbon footprint by 22% compared to conventional cotton.

The same applies to print which is made of water-based biodegradable inks. THINKING MU manufactures in India and Portugal with certified textile factories.

99,90 € with 50% discount on site (49,90 €) 

You will love these carrot trousers because they are comfortable and functional, and of course, made with sustainable materials, therefore respecting our beautiful planet. 

Made mainly from recycled polyester (62%), these vegan pants are a piece symbolizing the EcoAlf brand’s battle against ocean pollution. They have already collected more than 500 tons of plastic in order to transform it into desirable clothing. 

In simple terms, if you love these pants and buy them, you are also helping to reduce pollution in our oceans.



These straight, casual and elegant pants could become the must-have piece of your wardrobe. A type of pants that you will never leave. 

The best part ? Recycled Italian cotton fabric. Saved from landfill by the NOYOCO brand teams, it did not require any additional natural resources to be produced.  On the contrary, it saved the planet from new waste to be treated. It is also a natural, recyclable and biodegradable material. 


35,00 €  

The editorial staff is happy to conclude this article with this last crush for HARU!

It is made in one of the favorite winter fabrics of the brand JAN’N’JUNE: the 100% organic cotton fleece. HARU is very soft, keeps us warm, and it is super durable and trendy, of course. 

The young brand does not skimp on effort with its pieces made of eco-friendly materials, produced in Poland and Portugal. Their quote? “We believe in sustainable fashion, Greta & recycling”.


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